AOIRO is a studio for olfactory design, founded by Japanese - Austrian duo Shizuko Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig. Their expertise lies in the olfactory interpretation of concepts, transforming these into individually tailored signature scents and olfactory identities for both fragrance products and airdesign in space.

AOIRO – The Color of Air

AOIRO is the Japanese word for “the color of blue” (ao = blue, iro = color). The blue seen in the clear sky is the light gradient in the air, and it resonates with the approach of AOIRO to create air more communicative. AOIRO understands atmospheres as emotional qualities of space and a possibility to tailor unique encounters.

AOIRO Airdesign is based in Berlin and Tokyo and works widely with International clients. Their product ranges COLORS JAPONICA & HAKUDO can be found in selected stores.

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Shizuko Yoshikuni

Born in Chiba, on the east side of Tokyo, Shizuko spent her distinctive years of childhood surrounded by the Alps in Switzerland and in contrast, most of her following teenage years in the East Coast of Australia.

Inspired by a story of a perfumer's life - Shizuko's father told her one day - who was traveling all over the world exploring natural fragrant materials for creations, she developed her genuine interest toward the profound world of smell, and soon engaged in the study of functional and therapeutic qualities of plants and aromatherapy at the College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane.

Shortly after returning to Tokyo in 2002, Shizuko started creating bespoke fragrance compositions and designed signature scents under various themes and concepts. She has initiated numerous airdesign-installations and developed custom-made products for both Japanese and international companies, exhibitions, and brands.

Manuel Kuschnig

Born in Vienna, Manuel spent his distinctive years of childhood on Bali island and in Yogjakarta Java, Indonesia before finding himself growing up in a vibrant cultural neighborhood in Tokyo. 

After returning back to Austria, he developed his genuine interest in design and engaged himself into aesthetic theory. While graduating philosophy in Vienna – with a specialization in applied aesthetic, cultural anthropology and philosophy of design – Manuel already started working as graphic designer for Japanese and European companies.

Shortly after returning to Tokyo in 2009 for some more years, Manuel was encountering the olfactory sense as a design and communication tools for the first time and also started to discover the field of multi sensory branding. It didn't take very long till he started to work together with Shizuko on projects for both Japanese and international companies. exhibition and brands.

Together as AOIRO, Shizuko and Manuel developed their own olfactory design strategy & a unique design process for olfactory identities, integrating the theoretical and practical backgrounds of both sides.