100 % Natural Fragrances 

Aoiro Airdesign explores & collects premium quality aromatic ingredients from plants all over the world to develop unique scent creation. 

Various plants found in nature offer a broad spectrum of scent impressions, paired with specific therapeutic qualities derived from their original plants. These natural scents are distilled or extracted from various parts of the plants into a precious liquid of essential oils. The scent with the superior pureness only, possess the unique quality to tell their own stories.

Pure Diffusion Technology

Patented cold-air diffusion technology ensures the pureness, integrity, and the finest quality of the scent impression.

From a private shop space to an exhibition hall, AOIRO Airdesign is capable of applying airdesign in various environments with the utmost care to achieve a subtle and sophisticated scent impression. As cold-air diffusion technology does not apply heat during diffusion, it is the best solution for 100% natural essences.