Tailoring a signature scent is a multi-stage creation-process and AOIRO Airdesign will be working together with you throughout the various stages.

The creation process of a signature scent begins with an active analysis-meeting to learn & fully capture the brand’s or corporate‘s history, philosophy and vision. Specific compositions will then be developed as samples which are presented for evaluation and adjustment. 


Olfactory design is the most essential foundation to deliver customers and visitors a complete, integrated experience.

AOIRO Airdesign understands atmospheres as emotional qualities of space and as a possibility to create uniquely tailored encounters with an exclusive signature scent. With an appropriate approach on the olfactory sense, an integrated five-sense-branding can be successfully achieved, which elevates the quality of experience and creates a strong bonding with your visitors and customers.


AOIRO Airdesign will further navigate you to assign the most enhancing usage of your olfactory signature.

AOIRO Airdesign is specializing in customized product design and development, such as fragrant candles, room perfumes, or fragrant invitations, and will transform your signature scent into an exclusive product line. As a unique tailored product, your exclusive scent will continue to communicate your story and keeps the pleasant memory alive!